Yes we can yes yes yes

Big Ears comes over to Noddy

And jingles his bells with a grin;

He says, “Let’s have a look at your body.”

Noddy responds with a grin.


Rag, Tag and Bobtail go clubbing,

But how did they each have a child?

By the stoat whose requests they kept snubbing?

Or is it that countryside’s wild?


The Soup Dragon fancies Small Clanger:

She tells him his whistle is bonny –

He goes to her bed to harangue her:

“Our sex-life is right up the swanee.”


Bob tries it on. Here is Wendy –

“Bob, can you sign for this shipment?

Can you fix it? It looks over-bendy.”

Perhaps she’ll inspect his equipment.


Bananaman flirts with Fiona,

But she tells him his passion is needless:

“Stop skin-splitting! I am a loner!

And besides, I’ve been told that you’re seedless!”



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29 June 2015

Goedele Liekens, a UN ambassador for sexual health, has suggested parents should discuss the sex life of Bob the Builder with toddlers.

with apologies to Muffin the Mule. You are too obvious.


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