Now that it is over

Now that we are split

I feel that I’m in clover

I think I’m fighting fit –

All those years I feared a break

Would bring me pain and stomach-ache!


Now I have the papers

Now that I am single

I haven’t got the vapours

And feel my senses jingle –

All those nights I feared the rumour:

Separation starts a tumour!


Now I’m more than nisi

Now we’re cut in half

I see with a precise eye

How much I love to laugh –

All those weeks I lay in dread

That my divorce would leave me dead!


Now we’ve had the bust-up

Now our vows are done

There’s no need for a dust-up

Goodness me what fun! –

All that time, my dear physician,

I thought I’d like more coalition!



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17 June 2015

A study by the Institute of Education and the LSE found that, contrary to previous research, divorcees do not become more unhealthy. The LibDem leadership contest entered its final month.


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